Sunset Harbor: The Fashion Brand That Promotes Positivity & Being Your Best Self


Building a fashion brand is no easy task. However, for Sunset Harbor, it was a natural, inevitable choice. Sunset Harbor was created to make a positive difference in the industry and, ultimately, in every wearer. 


Adam Randall, (founder of Sunset Harbor) was inspired by everyday people and sought to launch a clothing store that enhanced the mundane and maintained the magical. As a result, pieces can be worn for nearly every activity in every season, allowing you to create a wardrobe that is both practical and beautiful.


The brand name is a combination of Sunset which represents warmth, a rich blend of reds, oranges, and yellows that inspires awe-struck gazes and an inexplicable sensation of comfort and protection. Meanwhile, harbor symbolizes the sea and its enigmatic quality, relaxation, drawing people in to give only a glimpse of the unknown. Together, Sunset Harbor creates a safe space for everyone to explore their style and showcase their most authentic selves.


Sunset Harbor stands on a solid foundation of like-minded individuals who share a passion for people and positivity. The team is dedicated to making the brand the best version it can be, prioritizing smile-inducing designs and sustainable manufacturing methods that protect the environment and employees. Additionally, they maintain a transparent approach that keeps their customers informed, allowing them to be the main contributor to the brand’s growth and identity. 


Ultimately, the Sunset Harbor team is committed to remaining a beacon for something brighter and hopeful. In a world where bad news always makes headlines and negativity seems to be a constant trend, they felt a need for something steadfastly good. A clothing brand was a natural solution. Everyone lives in clothes, and now, thanks to Sunset Harbor, you can live in perpetual, infectious positivity that endures in every circumstance.